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Chance of a Lifetime for Three Uncle Ben’s Finalists

Uncle Ben’s began the yearly Ben’s Beginners Cooking Contest for those who want to help children learn the significance of making healthy choices in the kitchen. Hundreds of entrants sent videos of them making great-tasting, nutritious meals with family members. Uncle Ben’s narrowed the entrants down to three finalists: Rachel and her daughter Claire of Boaz, Alabama; Jensen and her daughter Arden of New York City, New York; and Alison and her son Blake of Alpharetta, Georgia. “Our finalists and their families truly represent the purpose of the Ben’s Beginners Cooking Contest. By cooking together in the kitchen they built better relationships with food and with each other,” said Tim Snyder, vice president of sales & marketing, Mars Food US, the makers of the Uncle Ben’s Brand. (more…)

Test the Chef’s Culinary Skills with New Food Network Competitive Show

The season premiere ofFood Network Guy’s Grocery Games is on Sunday, October 20th, at 8PM ET/PT. Four chefs go head to head in three types of competitions. Whether its creating a dish in five ingredients or less, preparing a meal using only canned foods, or using ingredients only found in the frozen food section, the chefs will have to use all the tools in their culinary weaponry to make it through these and other challenges. (more…)

Get a Chance to Win $10,000 Toward Tuition with Lance Snacks!

Tuition has been getting more expensive these days. The College Board has found that in the past ten years, tuition has doubled for a four-year public institution. The staggering annual tuition and its additional fees can be a pain, and Lance Snacks is here to help. Lance Snacks is celebrating its 100th year of serving the delicious and nutritious snack crackers by having the Lance Sandwich Crackers Back to School Sweepstakes. (more…)

5 Things you didn’t know you could make with your Microwave

There was a time when people distrusted the microwave. It was used for boring things like defrosting, re-heating yesterday’s food, and boiling milk. All very necessary but all, well, boring. Then microwaves began to get versatile, and interesting.  Today, even top chefs use microwaves to cook as part of their equipment.  Here are five things you can make in your microwave that you might not have realised you could. (more…)