Who Are You Going to Call? Crisco’s Pie and Baking Hotline!

pie baking hotline x5 Who Are You Going to Call? Crisco’s Pie and Baking Hotline!While a few people like to hunt down solutions for their cooking request on the web, others support talking with a true individual, especially a single person with limitless preparing background and extraordinary impulse.  The Crisco®  Pie and Baking Hotline will answer any calls with requests and issues identifying with the person’s baking. This Christmas season, the hotline has expanded their hours in the midst of Thanksgiving and Christmas break.

Starting November 10 to 26, visitors can contact some place around 8am and 8pm ET. From December 15 to 23, time will be from 8am to 7pm ET. On Christmas Eve, hours will go from 8am to 3pm ET. Various tips will come from intelligent and experienced women who have ran their own baking businesses and written several cookbooks.  Without further ado in its ninth year, the Crisco Pie & Baking Hotline is making sure no cake, treat, or pie gets is left untouched with the miracles of helpful suggestions.

pie baking hotline 4 Who Are You Going to Call? Crisco’s Pie and Baking Hotline!

  Take in all the more by passing by the site crisco.com or contact one of the preparing masters from The Crisco®  Pie and Baking Hotline by calling 1-877-367-7438. Where there’s a whisk there’s a way – The Crisco® pie & baking hotline is back and will save the day.

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Food Network Releases New Episodes of Cutthroat Kitchen: Superstar Sabotage

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Chance of a Lifetime for Three Uncle Ben’s Finalists

Uncle Ben’s began the yearly Ben’s Beginners Cooking Contest for those who want to help children learn the significance of making healthy choices in the kitchen. Hundreds of entrants sent videos of them making great-tasting, nutritious meals with family members. Uncle Ben’s narrowed the entrants down to three finalists: Rachel and her daughter Claire of Boaz, Alabama; Jensen and her daughter Arden of New York City, New York; and Alison and her son Blake of Alpharetta, Georgia. “Our finalists and their families truly represent the purpose of the Ben’s Beginners Cooking Contest. By cooking together in the kitchen they built better relationships with food and with each other,” said Tim Snyder, vice president of sales & marketing, Mars Food US, the makers of the Uncle Ben’s Brand. Continue reading